vintage photorealism oils c. 1976

Photorealistic oil on canvas was my main interest during my later college years and I created many paintings in this style while attending Washington University in St. Louis as a graduate student in Fine Arts. (That’s me on the left way back when.) Photorealism was the movement I felt most aligned with at that time. My work changed as I matured as an artist and my style became less bound to the photograph and more painterly and atmospheric.

But I still love the work I did from that period!

Two above vintage paintings available for purchase from my studio.


  1. THE ARTS OF STEVEN GORDON • Napa Valley artist Steven Gordon works out of his studio in the town of Napa creating oil paintings, pastel paintings and fine arts limited edition giclee prints based on the California landscape scenes of wine country as well as from the inspiration he receives during his travels. The awesome beauty of Napa Valley wine country is the primary muse for Steven Gordon's ephemeral artwork but more often than not is a stepping off point for the more contemplative contemporary realism which he creates. Although realistic, the extensive consideration of the abstract elements of design, composition, color and form are an important part of the artist's thought process for creating his oil and pastel paintings, drawings and sketches. For 16 years Steven Gordon owned and operated The Gordon Arts Gallery in Yountville, CA in the heart of the Napa Valley vineyards in the premier wine growing region of California. The gallery exhibited the artist's soft chalk pastels, oil pastel paintings, watercolors, oil paintings, drawings, and giclee prints. The combined Napa arts gallery and studio space allowed visitors to view works in progress and discuss the art with the artist. Steven Gordon has exhibited his work in many galleries across the country. His paintings and drawings are displayed in many Napa and Sonoma wineries as well as in numerous corporate and private collections across the country. If your travels bring you to Napa Valley, please contact Steven for a visit to his studio in the Old Town part of Napa. The studio is located in the downtown just a few blocks from all of the excellent fine dining, wine tasting and shopping activities in Napa town.

Additional sold works from that period...